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Kid's Hike Free!

Our Young Trekkers!

Last hiking season we were amazed by some of the epic ahievements made by our users. We were most impressed by those made by our younger hikers, as they conquered some of Hong Kong’s toughest trails.

Here are a few…


The Lantau Trail! Thats right, Gabriella did the entire 70km epic! Which also includes two of Hong Kong’s highest peaks!

Completed over 8 separate days, averaging 6-10k at a time Gabriella proved there is no trail too long or too high.

“Can’t wait to start a new trail with papa and mama!!”


Eager to earn her free hiking pin, Isla stormed up Tiger’s Head Mountain! She loved scrambling up the rocks.

At 465m, this is no small feat…especially for those with small feet!

“It was tough but easier than I thought it would be. I want the Lion Rock Pin next!”


We are truly inspired and love the idea of youngsters hitting the trails and enjoying the benefits and adventure.

With this in mind, we will now offer a Trail Challenger FREE to all under 16 years of age. They need to be accompanied by a paying adult.

Upon completion, simply send us a photo of you and the young hero at the finish, and we will include the extra medal.

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