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  • Is this a virtual hiking challenge? Can i do it anywhere?
    No, these challenges use GPS to verify you complete the actual trail. Trail challenger is an app based challenge, which means you can do it in your own time, over one day or many days.
  • How to I join the challenge?
    Simply download the app on iOS or Android. Under the challenge section of the app you can choose the trail you would like to tackle. If you have purchased, or been given a gift card, tap "Redeem" on the app. You can now choose the challenge you would like to redeem.
  • I have already done one of the trails in the past, but I really want the medal. Can I buy it without completing it again?
    Sure. Sign up to the challenge and then send us the proof of completion (Screen shot from Strava, Garmin, etc) for us to verify. (send to We will then add your time to the leaderboard and ship your medal.
  • Can I do the trail in any order?
    The trail is designed to be completed in the correct order. You may do it in as many sessions as you require, but you will need to continue where you last finished. If you have skipped a part, you are able to continue tracking, but you will need to contact us to fill in the missing section.
  • How do I claim the medal?
    When you complete 100% of the trail we will automatically be notifified at HQ and ship your medal!
  • What happens if my phone as no signal or bad reception?
    Trail Challenger requires cell service to start tracking. However, once tracking has begun then there is no requirement for cell service. If you stop hiking in an area of no service the progress will be saved on the device and then up loaded when service is re established. Note: you will not be able to start again until you are in an area of service. If you are taking a break then press Stop > Pause.
  • What happens if I run out of battery on my phone? Will I lose my record?
    Yes, if you plan to have a long day of hike please consider taking an external battery pack. If you do run out of battery, or have other issues with tracking, you can contact us and we can make arrangements to manually add your progress.
  • Why can’t I be in Low Power mode when tracking my hike?
    Technically you can, however, gps tracking is much less accurate and, therefore, be result in incorrect or interrupted tracking. Consider taking an external battery pack if you plan on a long day hiking.
  • Will I get notified if I stray off route?
    Yes. When you stray by more than 250 meters you will receive push notifications.
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