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Promote Fitness and Adventure

Use Trail Challenger to promote oganisational health and fitness


Staff join your challenge

The challenge can be epic long trails designed to be conquered over a long period of time or short bite-sized achievements.


They hike in their own time.

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Our companion app tracks their real-time progress. They can do it all in one go or over many days. Completion is the goal, not the time it takes.


Times save on a leaderboard

All times will be displayed on the challenge leaderboard so users can compare their times. Set a personal goal or aim to be the fastest; the choice is theirs!


Participants receive a medal in the mail

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Upon completing the challenge, the participants will be sent a medal in the mail to commemorate their achievement. Or present it directly to your staff.


To promote a healthy and active lifestyle among your staff in a fun and adventurous way.

Mental health is a growing concern. Use Trail Challenger to highlight the benefits of exercise and being outdoors.

Finally, create camaraderie within your staff with this group-based challenge.


With a real-world app-based hiking and fitness challenge.

Designed for all skill levels to ensure all staff can participate. Users can complete the challenge all in one day or do it in bite-sized chunks over many days. The goal is completion and to show anyone can achieve epic goals. 

Organisation Involvement

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Organisations can gift a Trail Challenger to their employees.

The companion app will track their progress, and upon completion, the users will receive a medal for their achievement and a place on the challenge leaderboard.


Your Brand!

Make the challenge truly unique to your company, by including your branding on everything, from the gift box, to the lanyards, and even the medal


Option 1.

Start Instantly!

Select one of our current Trail Challenges.

No minimum order.

Available today!

Option 2.

Curate your Challenge

With this option everything can be customised, including:

The challenge route
Packaging, lanyard and medal  design


Pick from some of our ready made trails
Group 2.png
MacLehose Trail
Hong Kong Trail
Group 3.png
Lantau Trail
Group 4.png
Wilson Trail
Create your own
*above examples are concept designs

We handle Everything!

We set up the challenge, provide the tracking app, design and manufacture the medals, and handle the logistics of sending the medals.

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Case Study

Here is an example of a recent organisation Trail Challenge.

Taking a slightly different approach, a local dog shelter charity used Trail Challenger to raise money for the cause. 


Strong participation, active social media, and the money raised resulted in great exposure for all involved.

World Wide

Our team is based in Hong Kong but Trail Challenger can be used a world wide. Our app is available in all regions which means challenges can be created anywhere and medals distributed to participants the world over. 


Start Now!

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