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How to complete the Tiger's Head time trials

Tiger's Head, also known as Lo Fu Tau in Chinese, is a fun yet challenging trail out in Discovery Bay.

Although the shortest of the time trials on Trail Challenger, this trial is not for the faint-hearted, ranking at 4/5 in difficulty!


Length: 1.82 kilometres

Elevation Gain: 308m

Difficulty: 4/5

To get to the start of the Tiger's Head time trials, you will need to walk along Discovery bay Road, and head towards Greenbelt Court.

Finding the Start Zone can be a bit tricky as the set of stairs leading you to the trail, are tucked behind the residential block, hidden behind some bamboo, to your right. Before you set off, be sure to “Open Hike” for the Tiger's Head time trials and hit “Start” before beginning your ascent. At the top of these concrete steps, you come to a fork, and you will want to follow the slope to your right, along the water catchment (pictured).

This will take you out to a dirt path, where you will begin the steep, scrabble up to Yi Pak Au. Although challenging and rocky, the terrain levels out slightly at the ridge and you are treated with spectacular 360° views over Discovery Bay, Tai Che Tung and Lau Fa Tung. From here you will want to turn left, and make your way toward the big boulder at the top of Lau Fa Tung, where sections of this path are steep and powdered with scree. Although the trail can be challenging, and difficult to a beginner, the surrounding views of the rolling hills are unlike anywhere else in Hong Kong.

Once you reach the summit, the app will automatically record your time, and you now have the opportunity to see how you rank compared to other users that have also completed the time trials.

Not only have you just earned yourself a free Tiger's Head pin, but you can now take in the stunning views of Discovery Bay, and complete the rest of the trail at your own leisurely pace - either climbing back down towards Discovery Bay or enjoying the more gentle trail towards Mui Wo.

If you fancy another challenge, check out the other time trials or earn yourself a medal by completing a long trail via the app!

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