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How to complete the Twin Peaks time trials

The Twin Peaks also known as Ma Kong Shan (孖崗山) is a challenging, point-to-point trail, in Tai Tam Country Park, that is guaranteed to give your legs a killer workout.

The trail follows a majority of Wilson Trail section 1 along the twin peaks and Violet Hill, for a 4.74km hike, and with roughly 1,200 steps to conquer the twins, this time trial will challenge even the fittest.


Length: 4.74 kilometres

Elevation Gain: 510m

Difficulty: 5/5

Right off the bat, you’re faced with a steep climb up the first peak from Stanley Gap Road.

Be sure you’re in the Start Zone and hit “Start” before starting the climb up, as you will want to save your legs for the gruelling ascent!

It's also worth nothing that a majority of this walk is exposed so you will want to save this time trial for a cool or overcast day, and bring plenty of water with you!

As you make the climb up to the first peak, be sure to stop every so often and look back to take in the views over Stanley.

Almost as quickly as you summit this peak and start to make your descent, you will find yourself climbing the second peak, so you will want to pace yourself for this section.

Once you make your way down the second peak, you will need to cross the short Tze Kong bridge over a water catchment - this marks the halfway point, before you are faced with yet another climb, this time up Violet Hill, via the path to your right.

The scenery for the second half of this trail is of the rolling hills and greenery, as opposed to the suburbs of the first half. As you make your way up Violet Hill, the stunning Tai Tam reservoir becomes visible in the background, and the concrete steps eventually turn into a dirt path, as the steep incline levels out.

As you approach the descent into Wong Nai Chung Reservoir park, the view disappears behind the shrubbery, and you eventually come out to the End Zone at Tai Tam Reservoir Road, marking the end of the Twin Peaks time trials.

The best part about completing this time trial is that hailing a taxi home from here, shouldn't be a problem.

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