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How to hike the Rail Corridor

Okay, two things point out. 1. This is not really a hike; it's more of an urban trail. 2. It's not 24 km...yet! Although the official trail is 24 km, they are still busy renovating the starting area, so it is temporarily reduced to 22.6km.


If you don't know the history of this trail, it was once a major rail network into Singapore. However, as time moved on and the city's reliance on it came to an end, there was no longer a purpose for it. So what do you do with an old, decommissioned railroad? Turn it into a great trail covering the whole island from south to north!



Length: 24 km (temporarily reduced to 22.6 km)

Elevation Gain: 448m

Difficulty: 2/5

Recommended Hike Plan

Our recommended hiking plan for this challenge is to take it easy and enjoy it over two days. Sure, you can push and complete it in one day, with a nice picnic lunch at the Bukit Timah Railway Station, but we like to think of this as a beginner challenge for people who are stepping out of their comfort zone. So 24km over two days is a good start.

Rail Corridor Bridge

Day 1
10km-2.5 hrs

Wake up early, grab your water, and make your way to the start of the trail. It's a short walk from Outram Park station, or you can catch a taxi directly to the start of the trail.

If you are taking part in a Trail Challenger, to earn the beautiful medal, don't forget to start tracking at this point. 

The trail starts with a nice path, where you will join many other early risers getting in some exercise. So make sure you walk on the left side of the path as fast runners and cyclists nip by you.

It's not the most peaceful start of a trail as it hugs the highway for a few kilometres, but don't worry, you will peel away soon and enjoy the scenery and peace! Use the time to warm up those legs!

Refer to Trail Challenge for the locations of vending machines and toilets along the way.

Keep pushing, and you will eventually come to the centre piece of the trail. The Bukit Timah Rail Station It has been wonderfully renovated with open grass areas, decommissioned rail carts, and the famous bridge (see left).

I hope you put in a good effort, as that brings us to the end of day one. Pause the tracking on Trail Challenger and grab one of the many bus routes home from here.

Day 2
14km - 3.5 hrs

Before picking up where you left off, why not start the day with a coffee at 1932 Story (that's the name of the coffee shop!)

There is no better way to start than by crossing the Bukit Timah bridge. Grab a quick selfie and then push on.

This is the part where the trail really begins to open up and you are surrounded by the rain forest.

As you continue, the foot traffic dies down considerably, and you soon get the entire trail to yourself.

Next up is another steel bridge, and I bet you can't cross the bridge without trying to balance on the old rail line!

As the trail path gets thinner, this is your indication that you are approaching the final stages of the trail (and your progress % on Trail Challenger!).

Then finally, you make it! Stop the tracking on Trail Challenger, see how your time compares to everyone else's, and redeem your medal (we send it in the mail to you).

The trail conveniently finishes at an MRT station, so as you take the long ride home, you can appreciate how far you have trekked!


Jungle Rail corridor

Earn a Real Medal!

If you have read this far it means you are ready to start trekking!


At Trail Challenger we believe that no matter how long it takes you, completing the Rail Corridor is an epic achievement, and you should be rewarded with a real medal. The challenge is designed to help you hit your fitness and adventure goal.


It's very simple. Download the app and start the challenge. The app will track your progress and, in a very satisfying way, change the trail from purple to green and show your percentage progress as you hike. When you hit that elusive 100%, we will send you a medal in the post to signify your achievement.

Start the challenge!

Rail Corridor Medal

Start the challenge instantly, on the App, or buy the gift box.

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